Correspondence Bible Course

The Bible course is free and generally available form of the Scripture study.

Who can participate in the course?

The course is for anyone who is interested in the Bible and theology.

Conditions of participation

We do not impose any conditions and we do not commit the participants to anything.

The duration of the course

It depends only on the student. One can begin or abandon the course at any time.

About the course

The first stage:        7 lessons
The second stage:  30 lessons
The third stage:      12 lessons

How to start the course?

One can become the participant of the course by sending e-mail.

Also you can review the topics placed below.





Unit 1  Does life have any sense?

Unit 2  Do You Know the Bible?

Unit 3  Do You Have the Certainty of Salvation?

Unit 4  The Parables By Jesus

Unit 5  The Four Truths You Have to Know

Unit 6  The Basic Principles of Spiritual Growth

Unit 7  From Death To Life!




Unit 1  The Book Given by God

Unit 2  About the Highest Being

Unit 3  The Son of God – the Saviour

Unit 4  The Holy Spirit

Unit 5  God’s Grace

Unit 6  The Question of Utmost Importance

Unit 7  Justification by Faith

Unit 8  Biblical Obedience

Unit 9  The Unchangeable Law of God

Unit 10  The Ceremonial Law

Unit 11  The Sabbath – the Lord’s Day in Old Testament

Unit 12  The Sabbath – the Lord’s Day in New Testament

Unit 13  Who made an attempt on God’s Unchangeable Commandments? 

Unit 14  Who Changed God’s Commandments

Unit 15  The Prophecy of Future Apostasy

Unit 16  Who is Man?

Unit 17  Jesus Will Come Again!

Unit 18  When Will Jesus Come Again?

Unit 19  The Two Resurrections

Unit 20  The Millennium and the New Earth

Unit 21  The Sanctuary of God (part 1)

Unit 22  The Sanctuary of God (part 2)

Unit 23  The High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek

Unit 24  The True Rock

Unit 25  God’s Care for our Health

Unit 26  Daily Testimony of Faith

Unit 27  Ministry With One’s Wealth

Unit 28  Festivals, Memorials and Rites of the Church of God of New Covenant

Unit 29  The Baptism of Faith

Unit 30  Prayer